The Secure multipersona ML Collaboration Platform for Regulated Industries

MLReef is a Machine Learning development platform

that solves the Data Science Bottleneck & Domain Knowledge Gap

What are multipersona ML use cases?

Identify signs of diabetic retinopathy in eye images

Multipersona Machine Learning use cases work best if Data Science is combined with Domain Knowledge

To combine both, two things are needed:


ML development

What problems does it solve?


Reproducibility &



accessibility to ML

What problems does it solve?

Data Science Bottleneck


Domain Knowledge Gap

What is the Data Science Bottleneck?

The Data Science process without domain knowledge

MLReef solves the Data Science Bottleneck & Domain Knowledge Gap

MLReef is the first true multipersona Machine Learning platform.

It introduces distributed development, a method based on best practices from Software Engineering made available to Machine Learning.

Built on a single platform, it gives Data Scientists versatility they need, and Domain Experts the option to directly participate in the Machine Learning development process.

Leverage the work of data scientists towards non-techniciansvia a hybrid of pro-code & no-code development approach

Get best time-to-value with ready to use

& open-source content

Medical Datasets

Leverage yourData Sciencecapacity by giving anyone easy access to hundreds of GB of medical datasets.

Data Operations

Allow anyone to participate in data cleaning, data preprocessing and visualizing data.

Machine Learning Models

Get the first results quickly and access state-of-the-art models on one platform.

Built for success

European Space Agency


Schwabe, Ley & Greiner (SLG)

Opening Machine Learning innovation

to your entire organization

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