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Learn more about us, where we came from and meet our core team

Our story

Our goal is to develop the most complete and satisfying MLOps platform. In the very center are cross-user and cross-project collaboration. Every ML content, such as entire ML projects or modular based scripts (e.g a new model) can be shared instantly and used by anyone. We call this "cross-project synergies". But we do not want to stop here. We are building MLReef as open source to allow collaboration on every aspect and to improve the general user experience. We see MLReef as a public company as we share more information than most companies, meaning our projects, strategies and development progress are public and can be found within our website and our team handbook.

MLReef believes in the democratization of Machine Learning. We believe that each individual stands at the center to empower the collective. In MLReef all user have access to all open ML content and are able to immediately use it - with no boundaries and unlimited operational freedom.

The company

MLReef was founded in 2019 and has ever since focused on developing the MLOps platform MLReef. MLReef is part of different consortia within academia and industry. Since its founding, MLReef is sponsored by NVIDIA, Amazon, Google, ESA BIC, the Austrian government and the European Union.

Meet the team

MLReef is built on the community and our core team members. MLReef is all remote, interdisciplinary, diverse and inclusive.

Advisors and supporters

MLReef is supported by great advisors and supporters! Thanks to them we are able to move in the right direction, get honest feedback and expand to new horizons.

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