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by MLReef // Dec 13, 2021

Make money by creating AI Modules

MLReef is a community of ML creators sharing their work on top of an open-source Machine Learning (ML) development platform. We truly believe in open science principles, therefore we want you to create content that is easily usable by the entire MLReef community. Your help will not only get you paid but also will support others in creating their own ML use cases.

Here you will find all instructions on how to earn money by publishing AI Modules on MLReef.


Follow the table of content to fully understand the entire process - from creating AI modules to payout.

Table of content

How can I earn money?

MLReef is a community platform for creating Machine Learning. We truly believe in Open Science principles, where knowledge is shared among users to jointly create value. We want to push this principle and therefore invite you to create open AI Modules that can be discovered and re-used by anyone within ML Projects in MLReef.

By creating working AI Modules, you can earn:

  • 50USD for Models. Open contingency: 14
  • 25USD for Data Operations Open contingency: 20
  • 25USD for Data Visualizations Open contingency: 20

The above contingency has been updated the: 14. December 2021

What are AI Modules?

AI Modules are reusable, interoperable and explorable working code functions. The starting point are git repositories containing specific function for Models, Data Processing Operations or Data Visualizations. In order to create a working code, these git repositories need to be "published".

The publishing process is simple but requires a few steps to keep in mind. In simple terms, it automatically containerizes your scripts with all your dependencies and reads out the scripts parameters to be addressable during pipeline execution. You can review the documentation here

Feel free to reach out to us at any point in time to either email at or in our discord channel:

Categories of AI Modules

AI Modules come in three basic categories.

Each of these are equally important for MLReef´s community, so no matter where you start, you will bring community-value!

  1. Models: These are algorithms for training a machine learning model. See for example:
  2. Data Ops: These are functions for pre-processing data. See for example:
  3. Data Visualizations: These are functions for visualizing and understanding data. See for example:

How is the payout process?

Follow these steps to create AI modules and get paid.

  1. Register to MLReef by creating an account here.
  2. Create a new AI module:

You can either a Model, a Data Ops or a Data Visualization. Simply navigate to the AI Library and select your choice in the "New Module" dropdown. You will create a new git repository. From there, you can either create your files directly in MLReef or simply port scripts you finde elsewhere (e.g. on github).

  1. Publish your AI Module

After creating or porting your scripts to MLReef publish it. Be aware, that in order to successfully publish any script, you need to follow some simple guidelines.

Here is a video tutorial: Creating AI Modules Tutorial Video.

and here is the documentation: Documentation.

Be sure to include the following documentation in your AI Module repository: a. python file(s) of your scripts b. requirements.txt file containing your pip dependencies c. a file explaining the functionality and required data structure on how to use your AI module.

  1. Send your report to

After you succeeded with your AI Module publication, send us your report and payment instructions. Your email needs to include:

  1. Link to the MLReef public AI Module
  2. Short explanation how to test it - ideally is pointing torwards an existing ML Project within MLReef to try the AI Module out.

-> Note: Only working AI Modules will be accepted. These need to create the expected output and also be relevant.

If the evaluation is successfull, we will reach out to you to assess the payout. The ideal is through a bank wiretransfer. We will also require an invoice for our accounting.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time! Looking very much forward to your creations - you earned it!!